About Us

On the Mark Management is a business consulting company dedicated to identify, address, and manage solutions for a wide range of customers. We have extensive experience in managing the process of transition. We are an a-la-cart and one stop shop approach. We can take any project from architectural design all the way to the moving process.

Since time is money, we assist in the process of identifying specific requirements, and then obtaining multiple quotes from multiple vendors to order to obtain the highest quality and most competitive pricing for the entire project.

We leverage the relationships we have to work with known quality service and product providers, instead of hoping the right vendor has been chosen, solely based on price. On the Mark Management is able to fit into any phase of a project, and allows a single point of responsibility and payment for multiple events.

Construction Management

Time is money. Most projects have many different tasks that need to be identified, put out to bid, and managed. Unless you have specific training or experience with the task at hand, it can be a difficult and time consuming process that will ultimately take you away from your primary duties.

On the Mark Management is dedicated to providing solutions to business customers by leveraging relationships to control time, cost, and a quality outcome. Because of the hundreds of relationships On the Mark Management has, we can work with known quality service and products providers and save you the thought of wondering and hoping the right vendor has been chosen, usually based solely on price.

Asset Management

Management of any one building or space is in itself not a difficult idea. Managing relationships to create a positive environment is the difference that creates happy tenants, and full and profitable buildings. If you own commercial property we can help lease, manage, maintain, and create value.

Our proactive approach to our owners and their tenants is what sets us apart. We customize our approach based on the needs and priorities of each owner. Our team has proven results to be able to attract quality tenants, provide personal touch management, and maintain property with a cost savings approach.

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“Over the last few years, On the Mark Management has provided quality solutions to a wide range of projects at various levels of property management. Their attention to quality and ability to execute both small and large projects has become a huge asset.”

Edward Rodrigues Washington Real Estate Investment Trust